Pete Cactus: Moon Reporter#unity

Pete Cactus Moon Reporter Start Menu

My first Unity game featuring lots of design work and scripted in C#
Github | Download

Here's a video of a full playthrough of the game
if you want to skip around and take a look

Champ Studio Menu

I created a super fast website for the game using Grav,
a flat-file PHP-based CMS |

Drupal Jump#godot

Drupal Jump Menu Screen

My first Godot game. Scripted in Python-like GDScript
I coded a state machine to model the user | GitHub

I tried to combine pixel art with modern web design.
Here is a video of a working concept

Drupal Jump Menu Screen

I developed multiple demos to get core gameplay mechanics working.
grayscale shader | Bernoulli (figure 8 algorithm for flying enemy)

Skater XL level mod#blender

Skater XL Custom Menu

I created a level for Skater XL
using Unity, Blender, and documentation from the mod community

Custom park built in Blender

I created the full skatepark modeled in Blender 2.8

Blender cylces render

This is the skatepark rendered with some textures applied.
Using the Cycles renderer

Unity skate park project

This is my model imported into the Unity project
using the new HDRP, High Definition Render Pipeline.

Level mod 2

My park running in-game!