React Demo#reactjs


My Workthrough of an advanced React project.
View on GitHub | Live Demo

React Demo Code

Build with React and React Router.
Project created using Facebook's create-react-app

Champ Studio#pdx

Champ Studio Home Page

WordPress Developer and Co-owner of Champ Studio.
Designer of the classic Banana Phone logo

Champ Studio Custom Plugin

I developed a custom SVG animation plugin to display the logo.
Written in PHP using WordPress API

Champ Studio Menu

Responsive, bold, and colorful design

Rhino Networks#avl

Rhino Networks Home Page

I was a lead developer of Rhino's Drupal 7 Commerce site.
I also designed the logo

Drupal module programming

I wrote a custom Drupal 7 Invoice module
that integrated into Drupal Commerce

Elisabeth Ciaccio#nyc

Elisabeth Ciaccio Image Gallery

Build and deployed WordPress portfolio
with NYC photographer Elisabeth Ciaccio